Democrats Get Things Done!


I want to thank our New Hampshire congressional delegation of Representatives Annie Kuster and, Chris Pappas in the House and Senators Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen for being extraordinarily productive in Washington. It started with the first gun safety legislation in 30 years passing - and then progress kept coming. Congresswoman Kuster said she has been working on the PACT act for 10 years, so it was good to see this bill get signed into law. Now veterans will get the care they deserve, whether their illnesses are from burn pits or agent orange. Congressman Pappas flew back to DC on a Thursday night to vote to pass the CHIPS act, which will help to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the US to avoid possible future political instability in Taiwan. 

Our Senators also passed both of these bills plus the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the most significant legislation on the climate in a generation. A bill that was passed in 2017 that allowed hearing aids to be sold over the counter was never put in place because the FDA had not put rules in place to implement the bill. The FDA under the Biden administration got this done. While Republicans stoke culture wars and divisiveness, Democrats get things done. 

Now that our federal delegation has done their jobs, it is up to the state legislature to take the next steps. While the Inflation Reduction Act is a huge step, it requires states to take the federal funding and implement concrete actions. With the current Republican majority in both the State House and State Senate, I don’t think you will see any action on gun safety or climate change that will help Granite Staters. That is why it is imperative to elect Democrats on November 8th. Catherine Rombeau, John Fitzgerald, Kara LaMarche, Loren Foxx, Shana Potvin, Cheri Schmitt, and I, Jeff Kerr, will work to get things done in the State House. Matt McLaughlin will work to get things done in the State Senate. Kevin Kavanaugh will work to get things done in the Executive Council.  As Governor, Tom Sherman can’t wait to start getting things done. 

We’re Democrats.  It’s what we do.

Jeff Kerr