Vote Jeff Kerr for NH State Representative


I am running to state representative to represent all of Bedford.  I am a Democrat who wants to help make New Hampshire a place where political parties work together to solve problems.

New Hampshire’s natural beauty and culture of civil discourse are treasures worth protecting. We all want our families to grow up healthy and to thrive for generations to come. To attract young families, New Hampshire needs to invest in green solutions for energy and transportation, as well as clean air and water so our children grow up strong and healthy. 

I grew up in a military family which moved across the country and around the world. My early life instilled in me the value of honesty, integrity, service, and hard work. I earned two engineering degrees in Florida before heading to Texas. 

After 25 years in Dallas, a job opportunity within my company opened up in New Hampshire. My wife and I jumped at the chance to escape the oppressive Texas summer heat. Ten years later, we are still loving the four seasons that New Hampshire offers. 

In Bedford, I coached my kids’ soccer and robotics teams, then volunteered for and eventually became chair of the Bedford Energy Commission. I recently volunteered as a trail steward for Legacy Park and I am part of the Conservation Commission’s volunteer town trail maintenance crew. My kids have graduated from BHS and I now have more time to give back to this great community. 

As an engineer, I like to build and fix things. When I look at what is going on in Concord, I see a state government that is broken. I see legislators discussing seceding from the United States. I see a governor vetoing an unfair, gerrymandered redistricting map drawn by his own Republican party. I see Republicans voting against their leadership or walking out of the statehouse to avoid voting on a bill that would force schools to “out” LBGTQ+ students. I see laws of questionable constitutionality being passed to prevent federal laws from being enforced in New Hampshire. This is not normal for a state legislature. 

In my career, I have developed problem solving skills that will be useful in bringing balance back to the statehouse so it works for all Granite Staters. I want to preserve women’s rights to bodily autonomy. I want to do something about the national epidemic of gun violence. I want to make sure our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids inherit a world that is not on the brink of environmental disaster.

I hope you will support my candidacy and I look forward to earning your vote in November.